Frequently Asked
Below are answers to some commonly asked questions:
What is Zilliqa Capital? What are your goals?
Zilliqa Capital Pte. Ltd. ("Zilliqa Capital") is a Singaporean registered blockchain investment company that invests in next-generation FinTech, Open Finance and Decentralised Finance solutions across the APAC region, with a focus on ASEAN and India.

Operating as a permanent capital vehicle, Zilliqa Capital aims to foster the creation of an open and interoperable financial network in the APAC region via focused investments in blockchain-related products and services as well as traditional FinTech startups. All while looking to democratise access to these opportunities through the future issuance of our Zilliqa Capital Security token.

In particular, by leveraging its strategic relationship with the blockchain platform Zilliqa, the company will seek to become the central investment hub for the Zilliqa ecosystem and tap into the investment opportunities in Zilliqa's thriving ecosystem of venture builders,
developers, startups and its broad community, while also looking to attract new development on the Zilliqa blockchain and into the ASEAN and Indian region, in general.
Where are you registered?
We are registered in Singapore.
What is your business model?
Zilliqa Capital will operate as a permanent capital vehicle to perpetuate accretive investments in startups and established companies developing fintech, open finance and decentralised finance products and services.

The company will invest in existing and start-up businesses with a focus on APAC, ASEAN, India and Singapore, specifically. We will have the ability to take controlling or minority stakes depending on the stage of the life-cycle the business is in, as well as invest via revenue/profit sharing or other ways to participate in the growth of these types of investments (including traditional exits etc).
Do you have any criteria or pre-requisites for companies seeking investment from Zilliqa Capital?
Opportunities will be evaluated based on their business quality and potential, as well as fit with the Company's broader strategic objectives. In general, we will be seeking businesses with strong business and market potential and opportunities where the Zilliqa backbone can be a strategic asset for the business model and/or investments that have the potential to outperform $ZIL the native token of Zilliqa.
Are you planning a fundraise?
Yes, the company plans to raise approximately USD $215 million. It will be a two-step process:

  • The first step will be to raise USD $15 million. Investors will receive equity in Zilliqa Capital and an allocation of Zilliqa Capital Security Tokens which includes an Early-Bird discount (i.e. reference price of $75 per token, as opposed to $100 during the STO). A majority of the funds raised will be used for accretive investments in $ZIL (the native token for the Zilliqa Blockchain) and other alpha generating opportunities, with the remainder of the funds raised being used to fund the Security Token Offering ("STO") and build out Zilliqa Capital. Globally focused and limited to qualifying investors. Expected to commence in Q1 2021.
  • The second step will be to raise USD $50-200 million by offering Zilliqa Capital Security Tokens at USD $100 per token to investors. Funds raised will be used to make Zilliqa Capital's broader investments. Globally focused and structured to meet the minimal regulatory requirements by jurisdiction for the sale of these types of investments. Expected to commence in Q2 2021.
Tell me more about the Zilliqa Capital Security Token.
The Zilliqa Capital Security Tokens will allow for enhanced liquidity and transparency.

The tokens will represent a principal perpetual debenture structured as a qualifying debt security, will be held as a liability by Zilliqa Capital and will be redeemable at the option of the company. The intention is for these securities to not be redeemed unless there is a strategic transaction (i.e. a sale, IPO, etc.) for the company. The tokens will grant their holders rights akin to a debt holder, as well as the right to an allocation of 65% of net profits after taxes of Zilliqa Capital. Payments to token holders will be made on a quarterly basis contingent on the business generating profits.
What does the security token offer to the investors?
The tokens will grant their holders rights akin to a debt holder, as well as the right to an allocation of 65% of net profits after taxes of Zilliqa Capital. Payments to token holders will be made on a quarterly basis contingent on the business generating profits.
Is the Zilliqa Capital token tradable?
Once the STO closes we expect the token to be listed and trading on a number of exchanges.
What will Zilliqa Capital STO issuance price be?
USD $100 per token during the STO, and at a 25% discount reference price of USD $75 as part of its allocation to private placement investors.
What will be the token distribution like?
A total of 2.2 million tokens will be minted, allocated and sold during the private placement and STO.

About 10% of these tokens will be allocated at a 25% discount during the private placement round, with the balance sold during the STO. Token holders will have the right to an allocation of 65% of the investment profits made by the Company, paid out on a quarterly basis.

The tokens will not be listed for trading on any exchanges until after the STO is completed, thereby ensuring that all investors participating in the STO will pay USD $100 per token.

The intention is to have the tokens listed and tradeable on as many exchanges as possible, post-STO, to help ensure liquidity for token holders.
Who can invest?
Anyone around the world, as long as they meet the local jurisdictional requirements. The private placement round will be globally focused and available for all qualifying investors. During our STO, Zilliqa Capital Security Tokens will be available for sale in and tailored to the security laws of multiple jurisdictions, allowing for broad investor participation in the STO. The STO will be launched in Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, (other Asian and European jurisdictions), United Arab Emirates, and several other countries. Any offering of the Security Tokens in the USA will be done in such a way as to meet locally applicable security laws.
When will the private placement round commence?
The private placement round is expected to commence in Q1 2021.
When will the STO raise start?
The STO is expected to commence in Q2 2021.
I am interested in learning more, what is next?
Reach out to us by filling out the Information Request form. Assuming you are a qualifying investor, we will reach out to you and share relevant investing information.