The Central Investment Hub for the Zilliqa Blockchain Ecosystem.
Zilliqa Capital Pte. Ltd. is a blockchain investment company that invests in next-generation FinTech, Open Finance and Decentralised Finance solutions across the APAC region, with a focus on ASEAN and India.
Operating as a permanent capital vehicle, Zilliqa Capital aims to foster the creation of an open and interoperable financial network in the APAC region via focused investments in blockchain-related products and services as well as traditional FinTech startups.

In particular, by leveraging its strategic relationship with the blockchain platform Zilliqa, the company will seek to become the central investment hub for the Zilliqa ecosystem and tap into the investment opportunities in Zilliqa's thriving ecosystem of venture builders, developers, startups and its broad community, while also looking to attract new development on the Zilliqa blockchain and into the ASEAN and Indian region, in general.
Zilliqa Blockchain is one of the leading platforms designed to be scalable so as to support high-volume decentralised applications in the financial landscape.
Its ecosystem is growing rapidly in the ASEAN region and beyond, quickly becoming a platform of choice for traditional and upcoming regulated FinTech companies such as Xfers that launched their Singapore Dollar backed stablecoin and regulated exchange HGX that offers a member-driven marketplace for securitised tokens.

The ecosystem also boasts popular startups from the blockchain world such as Unstoppable Domains, Mintable, Switcheo, Xanpool, Transak, Coin Rule, Elliptic and others.
The growing FinTech, Open Finance and Decentralised Finance ecosystem in the ASEAN and Indian region and beyond has opened up new investment opportunities that Zilliqa Capital aims to tap into.
Chief Executive Officer and Director
Co-Chief Investment Officer and Director
Michael H Conn
Dr. Amrit Kumar
Our Team
An experienced team with combined strengths in finance, venture capital and technology.
Michael was formerly a Founder, CEO and Director of Ether Capital. Prior to that he was was a Founder and Managing Partner at Quail Creek Ventures.

He previously held roles as COO and Head of Strategy, Operations and Development with AllianceBernstein's Alternative Investment Management Group.
Amrit is a Co-founder and President of Zilliqa Research. He researched at National University of Singapore and has a PhD in Computer Science from Inria, France.

He published several academic papers on blockchains and smart contracts at top tier conferences such as OOPSLA, ESORICS, DSN.
Investment Thesis
Decentralised financial products and services are shaping the future of finance. We will invest in ventures building the decentralised future that will leave a pronounced impact across developed and emerging markets. There is a tremendous opportunity to serve the Unbanked and Underbanked population in the region by supporting the "picks and shovels" type of businesses that will foster democratisation of access to financial products and services.
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